Day 4: Attending a KKK Rally?

I stayed in Alewife today and took a day off from exploring Boston. I’ve more or less decided that I’m going to skip my flight home in three weeks time and just keep on travelling. The only question I have is where to, so I spent a lot of today trying to map out some ideas. The trip I’ve planned so far ends in Pittsburgh, so two options, in particular, make sense. I’ve been told by a local that SoHo and Greenwich Village in New York are really exciting places to be right now, so I could quite easily head east and catch a train/bus into the city. Alternatively, I was speaking to a friend yesterday about countermarching at a ‘free speech’/white supremacy rally. It started out as a joke but I soon realised it was actually something I’d quite like to do. I’ve not found any rallies in particular but there seems to be a lot going on in Virginia/North Carolina at the moment so there’s always the option of me heading south.  After that, I’d quite like to spend a week or two road-tripping over to California, most probably through ride-sharing sites such as Carpoolworld.
If, however, I’ve grown sick of America, I could always book the cheapest flight I can find to a country such as Thailand. British citizens are entitled to a 30-day visa exemption after which I could pay to extend it.
With so many options open to me, does anyone have any thoughts or advice?